Children's portraits
I try in my painted children's portraits to express the character of the child. It can be a moment of a laughter but also a moment where the child has forgotten the camera and looks the other way. It depends on your wishes. Composition and colour is also very important. During our appointment at the studio or at home we discuss the possibilities. Next I observate and make photagraphs of your child or children. These photos will be the foundation of the painting. It takes about 6 weeks before the painting is ready. 

Pets portraits
A lot of people have a special bond with their animal. A good reason to immortalize the pet on a beautifull painting. My pet portaits are realistic and original by its colors. I can also use grafic designs and silhouettes in the paintings. My startingpoint is a photo of you pet which i can make. You can also bring your own photo.

The price painted portraits starts with € 350,-. For more information you can contact Saskia Laros.
It takes about 6 weeks before the painting is ready.

Autonomous work
A selection of autonomous work of Saskia Laros you can see in the portfolio on the website. She is influenced by her surrounding and translates this in an original way. Are you interested in bying a painting, please contact Saskia Laros